How to use the same USB NIC Dongle for multiple devices with SCCM

Today my colleague (who have been working with SCCM for the last 15 years) asked how to handle USB dongles when they are shared between multiple Surface Pro devices in a staging facility. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t know, so I thought I’d put together a quick post about it, even though it’s pretty old news 🙂

Great thing is Lenovo (and maybe other) is starting to add Mac passthough to their dongles, so this probably doesn’t matter in a few months/years.

Anyways, just a quick tip on how to re-use the same USB NIC Dongle for multiple devices when installing devices with SCCM.

In the ConfigMgr Console go to Administration -> Site Configuration -> Right Click Sites and select Hierarchy Settings

Go to Client Approval and Conflicting Records tab and click Add

Type in the MAC adress or the SMBIOS GUID of the dongle. Click OK.

Now you are able to use the same USB Dongles for multiple devices, because SCCM won’t register it on the devices in SCCM after PXE and Client registration.

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