KB2894518 October 2014 new updates that breaks the TS

New updates was releases on yesterdays patch Tuesday, and again one of them breaks the Task Sequence.
Sadly, http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/2894518 Task sequence fails in Configuration Manager if software updates require multiple restarts – has not been updates yet, so i had to troubleshoot a little bit.

By looking in the CBS.log I found that it was KB2984976 and KB3000988 that was causing the problems.
I removed it from my Software Update Groups and added it to another Software Updates Group that are not deployed to any Collections.


Edit 22-10-2014: After removing KB3000988 i still had the issue, are several hours of trial and error i ended up with finding 5 updates in total, which seems to causes this issue.


Some possible workarounds for getting the update installed could be to download the MSU from Microsoft and install it in Task Sequence, or use Offline servicing to slipstream the update into either the reference image or the original Install.wim image.

Thanks to HappySCCM for pointing in the right direction to troubleshoot http://happysccm.com/kb-software-updates-that-require-multiple-reboots-may-cause-task-sequence-failure/ 🙂

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