Controlling licenses with Azure AD Groups, Access Review and Self Service group management

A cool feature of Azure AD is Access review. It can be used for many things to control Azure AD group membership. One of the things I will be using it for is to control licenses and help to provide self service license management.

With Access Review we can control how often the users or owners are prompted to re-validate if the still need access to the group. This can be weekly, montly, quarterly or yearly. Once this period is over the users will be prompted via email to review their access to the group. We can even control what behavior will happen if the fail to do so.

The goal

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Issue with setting up Azure MFA in Microsoft Authenticator. Activation failed.

The issue:

I had a customer who called about a single user had issues with setting MFA up to use text, Phone call or even Microsoft Authenticator via. The call or text message was never received. In the Authenticator App, when they scanned the QR code, they got the following error pop up:

“Activation failed. Make sure that push notifications are enabled on the phone and your Activation Code is not wrong, expired or formerly used.”

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